[sword-devel] micro flashcards

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sat Dec 9 17:06:09 MST 2006

I've just neglected finishing my semester well and made some headway on 
an experimental rev of a j2me micro edition of our flashcards app.

I would really appreciate you testing on your mobile phone and providing 
some feedback.  It is a very simple app.  The prototype has 2 Greek 
lessons (most frequently used words in Ephesians).  It uses pre-rendered 
word images, as it seems my cell phone was unable to render greek 
diacritics well.  There are also 2 sample words which I've left out the 
pre-rendered image.  These should try to render on your phone.  The 
first is latin 'sample word (said)', and not greek-- the answer is 
'said' if you're concerned about getting a 100%.  The second is αὐτὸς 
(AUTOS).  Please pay special attention to these 2 entries.

Here is the URL:


Possibly your phone might want to hit the .jad file instead:


Please let me know your success / failure / comments, and please include 
your phone model.

Ok, I'm off to try to salvage the semester...  Your prayers are appreciated.


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