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David & Maribel,

	Only partial answers as I have little experience with vpl2mod or  

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On Dec 7, 2006, at 2:44 AM, David Bell wrote:

> Greetings to all!
> This is my first time to post, but I think that I have read enough  
> of the archive to avoid repeating the same "newbie" posts. But I  
> want to thank everyone for their patience anyway!
> I would like to make modules for Sword. In fact, I have already  
> built some modules, but it has been a rather painful experience.  
> This is true for several reasons. Probably the biggest is that I am  
> working on a Mac (PPC). Therefore, I have had to either work  
> through emulation (windows) or actually work on a Ubuntu box at  
> work. But even then I have had major problems. I have read through  
> the module making guide many times and still am not sure why  
> sometimes I can't get a file to run. So, I have several questions  
> to throw out.
> 1. Within the MacSword project (great to see interest in MacSword-- 
> it's a great project!) are there native tools that would handle  
> imp2mod or vpl2mod? Or do we all have to use the win32 tools?

The tools should be able to be built on a Mac. You will need to  
obtain and install icu and lucene. Since Mac OSX is a version of Unix  
and has GNU's compilers, you can follow any of the discussions on  
this mailing list on how to build them.

> 2. Has anyone ever thought of putting together a disk image of a  
> basic *nix system that could be used with emulation (Q) on  
> different platforms (especially MacOS PPC) to build modules? This  
> disk would contain all of the necessary files to make sure all of  
> the win32 binaries run and do their thing.

I don't know if this has come up before. The intention is that the  
Sword engine and utilities can be built on Mac. If someone were to  
build them as universal binaries, we'd be glad to host them.

> 3. I saw a rather extensive discussion from a few years back in the  
> archives about making the imp2mod and vpl2mod a bit more user  
> friendly by having them tell you what went wrong in the process.  
> Has anyone ever taken that on? I for one would have loved to have  
> that kind of feedback. It would be great to know why the program  
> generated empty files (nt ot) or minimal files (nt.vss ot.vss). One  
> text that I was working on apparently had trouble with vpl2mod  
> because it marked the Psalm titles as Psalm *:0.

OSIS is the format we recommend. As such, our efforts have been  
focused on improving osis2mod. It can handle Bibles and verse based  
Commentaries. It has pretty good diagnostics.

> 4. When you run the vpl2mod empty, it gives you some instructions.  
> These instructions seem to imply that if you have verse numbers  
> starting each line, you can have any number of verses. And yet  
> (unless I made a mistake) when I tried with a test file of Genesis  
> 1, the module would not generate. Does the text file have to have  
> all the verses of the Bible to run or at least all of the NT?
> David & Maribel
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