[sword-devel] PATCH for crashes with ciphering code

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sun Dec 3 21:43:12 MST 2006

Thanks Daniel,
	If you take this on, please note:

Do not include this:

+		cacheBuf[0]='\0'; //just in case len==0

Please see if the added strlen is much of a speed hit.  This code should 
probably be changed to use SWBuf, which keeps track of len and doesn't 
need to do strlen to return size.  I believe it was written by a 
volunteer long before SWBuf existed.  Thanks for any help.


PS.  My apologies for being away.  It's the end of the semester in about 
10 days and I'm totally behind.  Hope to resurface again after.

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