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The errata list: the problems osis23mod showed are two kinds:

1) some oddity in the underlying OSIS text which I am rectifying just now resulting in various "malformed" messages - essentially a verse closure tag has made its way into the next chapter. osis2mod always rectified the problem and there is in consequnece none in the resulting mnodule, but it is clearly cleaner 

2) six versification issues - essentially the OPV has on 6 occasions at the end of certain chapters one verse more than modern English standard. osis2mod forces these versifications to be adjusted. I am not sure what to do about this beyond ascertaining wheter this has any impact on readibility etc. It appears to have none and does not seem to result in versification getting messed up in other places too. So unless there is a way of forcing osis2mod to accept a different versification I would simply accept this for the moment.

3) 1 Chronicles is missing for reasons to complicated to go into. I do hope I will get hold of that part some time in the future, or get it typed up.

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> Dear all,
> A new module, the Tarjumeh-ye Ghadeem, a Farsi translation of the Holy
> Bible is in beta (FarsiOPV), thanks to Troy.
> The module works for me in BibleDesktop, Gnomesword and Bibletime.
> In BibleCS I had RtoL issues on which I posted earlier, but this module is
> using now a different driver, maybe things are better.
> A list of errata from the OSis2mod import is in the module path. I will
> address these later today and in the next days. AFAICT right now these have
> no bearing on functioning and accuracy. I hope so at least.
> The provenance of the module - SIL's paratext.
> The original translation is based on Henry Martyn's translation from the
> early 19th century, was corrected and updated until 1896 and is still in
> daily use dt the accuracy and literary beauty. We got permission to publish
> this from Janet Fuller, UK Bible society . I believe the text might actually
> be Public Domain, but I am neither a lawyer nor eeven less an international
> copyright lawyer. Anyway I am working on getting an updated version of
> thsi trasnlation to replace it (with ehadlines and cross references - this
> would definetly not be (in total) public domain). So anyone who wants to do
> aanything with this text beyond crosswire/sword use must make their own
> enquiries what is is legal what is alloweed and what is polite.
> A more modern translation module (Tarjumeh-ye Tafsiri - explained
> translation") will hopefully join sword in teh next few days too.
> Other tribal language "minibibles" and ethnic minority whole Bibles should
> follow later once tehse translations are fully corrected.
> I want to thank all those many who have helped to make this possible.
>  Particularly DM555, scribe and charcoal. Thanks also to Jent Fuller who
> made all enquiries on my behalf in teh Bible Society. God bless you all.
> More to follow later.
> yours in Christ (and totally elated)
> Peter
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