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Daniel Blake danblake at tcdr.com
Sat Apr 22 06:14:15 MST 2006

DM Smith wrote:
> David J. Ring, Jr. wrote:
>> I was just about to put on Windows98SE on the machine, and grab the 
>> updates before MicroSoft stops supporting Win98SE this year and 
>> making a total backup of the computer so I'd have a "new" and up to 
>> date copy of the operating system.  I might just do this anyway.   It 
>> might be nice to have an updated Win98 so I could restore it to a 
>> computer.
> I have a 32M laptop with Win98SE and full updates. The performance was 
> more than good enough until I upgraded IE from 5 to 6. Then it was too 
> slow to use for anything. It is entirely unusable. It seems that IE 
> patches the OS and even when not used to access the internet, still 
> bogs down. I haven't done it yet, but I need to re-install back to the 
> original.
> The advice about a custom kernel is especially good, but another route 
> you can go is to turn off services and modules from loading. Much of 
> the OS is now pluggable. Under Fedora Core, you turn off services as 
> root with /sbin/chkconfig httpd off (replace httpd with the name of 
> the service you don't want to run.) I'm not to familiar with modules 
> but I think it is something like rmmod moduleName. There is a way to 
> keep these from loading when the OS starts. It may be a different 
> command.
> You don't have to reinstall linux to try these and the suggestion for 
> an alternate window manager. These can be done now.
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> I would suggest looking at these articles before redoing your whole 
> system.  You might be able to get your laptop back to a usable state 
> with much less work.


Daniel Blake

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