[sword-devel] Importing E-Sword modules

johanma at absa.co.za johanma at absa.co.za
Wed Apr 5 22:54:17 MST 2006

I am very much interested in converting an e-Sword Bible to Sword, but can't find the conversion programs mentioned anywhere.

Where do I find ZefaniaTextKonvertor?
Where do I find Z-XML2OSIS?

Thanks for helping.


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On Saturday 25 March 2006 16:48, Jonathon Blake wrote:
> >     Oh? How?
> And from the line right under the one you quoted.
> >> ZefaniaTextKonvertor, then run that to convert the module to Z-XML,
> hen run the Z-XML2OSIS conversion program, then treat it as a standard
> OSIS module.
    *blush* Didn't read too thoroughly, did I? :)

> Nut I'll rephrase that sentence.
> Isntall Zefania TextKonvertor on your system.
    Having carefully read through the rest of your email :) , *and* checking 
Google, I haven't the software. I found 
http://sourceforge.net/projects/zefania-sharp/, but didn't see anything 
relevant. Maybe I missed something? It wouldn't be the first time. 
    Does it also work on Linux? In a pinch, I can beg a Windows system, but I 
would prefer not to.

> Install the Z-XML2OSIS conversion program on your system.
> Then start ZefaniaTextKonvertor, select "E-=Sword", then find the
> appropriate e-Sword module.
> Export it to Z-XML.
> Then start the Z-XML2OSIS conversion program.
> Select teh Z-XML file, and wtch it produce OSIS formatted text.
> Then copy the file into your Stword Project directory, and your
> application _should_ be able to directly read/use it.

> > been waiting for the ESV to make it's way into the Sword Project for
> > almost two years
> Is the only reason that you haven't done so until now, that you didn't
> know the conversion path to follow?
   Well, for one, I didn't know there was a conversion path until today. For 
two, I would have looked for possible conversion paths, except that I was 
told repeatedly that a native version was "right around the corner."
     Thanks again,

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