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Sat Oct 29 12:46:00 MST 2005

Em Wed, 27 Apr 2005 00:24:16 -0300, Leandro Guimaraens Faria Corcete Dutra

> I have just written to JUERP

    	After several months I had no answer, so I resend specially
requesting an answer, and to my surprise this time they complied.  So
here is a translation, interspesed with some commentary between [].
Please bear in mind that my English is already poor, and that
translating someone else words into a foreign language is much more
difficult than writing one's own, and besides the original style
wasn't that great...


Rua Silva Vale, 781
21.370-360  Cavalcanti, RJ
+55 (21) 2544 0304 etc.

Rio de Janeiro, October the 6th, 2005.

Dear Sir
São Bernardo do Campo, SP [wrong address, actually]


I have received your email message where you show your interest in
using one of our versions of the Bible in free computer programs.

Even if we know of the positive ends you intent, we are forced to deny
the cession of such a right, at least for the moment, for the JUERP
already know that other systems are, without our knowledge, using our
version in their Internet channels, and this has forced us to ask our
Legal Consulting to take the due measures to protect the author rights
on the text belonging to our Press.

While she [the Legal Consulting team, presumably, or the Press itself]
study the issue and identify the current users in tort, we won't take
a position on the act of conceding or no partnerships to this
publishing.  The self-same JUERP, indeed, could allow the use of the
text in your site, and even in the ebook system, but these are matters
under study by our law and marketing area [hope these are not one and
the same].  As soon as they have a solution approved by our directors,
then we will be able to think in hypothesis such as the one presented
by the brother.

I am sure the brother, being from Informatics, will perfectly
understand the "why" of our cares.  We don't want to take any
precipitate decision.  Specially, being as it seems a brother in
Christ, will understand our purpose to be always publish as widely as
possible the holy text, but taking heed of current problems of piracy
and tort use of computerised texts, a publishing company such as ours
has to take heed.

As soon as the preventive and precautionary measures have been taken
by our technical personnel, we will contact you again to inform you of
our decision.

Almir Júnior [not a proper name, he didn't write his surname!], JUERP.

      	So, I could write again and offer some free consulting, but
meanwhile -- and given that they indeed seem to assert rights on it --
I, as before, think adviseable to either pull PorAA altogether or to
publish my restored version of it under proper attribution, so as that
we are not participants in striping a copy righted work of
attribution -- and corrupted at that.

	If anyone feels like it, I could scan the letter and send
an image of the original.

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