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Mon Oct 17 23:50:09 MST 2005

I'll stand by an abbreviation of "The Revelation of Jesus Christ to St John
the Divine" while he was in Exile on the Isle of Patmos and Undergoing
Visions on the Lord's Day to "Rev." User-friendly is the goal.


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> Chapter translations (Mina Magdy)
> Mina's message reminded me. Why won't anyone besides me stand up for a
> shorter abbreviation for "Revelation of John". In my works I have used "RV",
> "REV" and "REVE" without offending anyone that I know of. Besides, my KJV
> Bible has the title "THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST TO ST. JOHN". Can I get
> anyone else to stand with me on a new rev. :)
>  In His Grace,
> Robin
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