[sword-devel] Version 1.5.2

Joachim Ansorg nospam+sword-devel at joachim-ansorg.de
Mon Oct 17 04:42:10 MST 2005

thanks a lot for preparing the fc3 nd fc4 packages! That's really helpful and 
will make the installation possible for a lot new users.

BTW, is is possible to offer bibletime-i18n packages for fc3 and fc4 as well? 
That package contains the translations. That would be awesome.
We got a spec file in bibletime-i18n, but I dont know how well that works.

> 	I know that Packman hasn't updated from 1.5.1 to 1.5.2, either.  Because
> the release is so new, however, they may have just not had time to build. 

I think packman will do the update in the next few days.

> What
> other distros would be useful?  Should I do SuSE? (I already have DVDs or
> DVD ISO images for 9.0-9.3, and can easily download 10.0)  This wouldn't be
> difficult, but if Packman already has it taken care of, then to do so would
> be pointless.  Mandrake/Mandriva may not be difficult, since it is also an
> RPM distro.  Would there be a point to doing FC2 or FC1 builds, or are they
> too old?

Brook Humphrey usually did the Mandrake packages, but I think the last ones 
were for 1.4.1. And I haven't been in contact with him for a while now.
Does anybody know if 1.5.x is in available in Mandriva contribs? If that is 
not the case we should probably offer those as well.

> 	Debian and Ubuntu are APT-based and use dpkg for what I would be doing.  I
> don't think I have time to learn a new system to get those working.  You'd
> probably be best getting someone who can add the packages to the official
> repository for those distros, anyway.

Daniel Glassey does the official Debian packages. An ubuntu package is 
probably not difficult with the debian rules of his packages. Perhaps I can 
find the time for that.

I guess further discussion about the packages is best in bt-devel.

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