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Lynn Allan l_d_allan at adelphia.net
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Hi David,

Thanks for the feedback ... I don't see InnoSetup as an option ... at least that approach wouldn't be anything I could help with. I've never used it, and I have a fair amount of experience with NSIS ... and the overhead is only about 34kb (although that isn't much of an issue with multi-megabyte installs since the resources tend to be several megs)

I'm not all that eager to be responsible for putting the installer together ... there is a lot that can go wrong and it really needs input from people who are aware of the numerous applications that might want to co-exist together sharing the same resources. I'd gladly hand off the work so far on the nsis installer proto to anyone who wants to carry on and wrap it up.

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  This might be a little late but I wanted to mention it to Troy (who said that he has no objections) before I mentioned it to you. Although it seems that you have almost completed the installer.

  If there are any more problems I would suggest that you switch to InnoSetup. Or ISTool which provides a good ide for InnoSetup.

  I believe that the InnoSetup Wizard generally provides all that is needed for most projects but for projects which maybe a little more complicated, and may need to be changed from time to time ISTool would probably be better. 

  About the only advantage that I can see which NSIS has over InnoSetup is that installers are a little smaller (~200k). Getting the job done quickly might be more important.

  And there is also a Form Designer available for InnoSetup.




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