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Barry Drake b.drake at ntlworld.com
Wed Oct 12 02:38:17 MST 2005

Hi Lynn ..............

Lynn Allan wrote:

>Here's a link:
I think you are on the right lines with this one.  I don't know what 
Troy's feelings would be - but assuming that the user is a 'first time' 
Sword user, I'd rather supply a module as we do with the old version.  I 
haven't tried install manager for a while - maybe things have changed - 
but it used to be so difficult to get up and running that I would have 
given up on Sword altogether if I had to get my first module using 
that.  I think you can safely assume that this install will only be 
taken by those who have not got an existing Sword installation, and thus 
you can assume too that they will need to have a module in order to see 
what Sword does.  Give them a modern version (GW or WEB) and let them play!

God bless,

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