[sword-devel] idea i've had for a bit

2tim 42 tim4_2 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 10 19:57:18 MST 2005

Hi list,

I'm brand new and not sure if this is in process
already, but i am interested in starting a project
that would allow users to print a bible on standard
inkjet printers.  
Due to growing persecution in certain countries,
inbound Bibles are being increasingly blocked and
although open doors and others manage to get some in,
it's tough to do sometimes. So my idea is to have a
simple printing press that can produce 10s or even
hundreds of bibles from a single desktop and inkjet.
Basically i think the biggest challenge is going to be
the formatting and so i don't know where to begin. I
was thinking to begin this to support windows at first
(win95/98) since this seems to be dominant especially
in the more restricted countries.. eventually to maybe
support linux and maybe mac as well.
I have coding experience mostly in linux although i've
done some windows stuff (although not formatting of
this nature) and i was wondering if this is something
already in progress by you all. Let me know what you
think.. i think this is something that God could use
to help a lot of people in restricted areas, some of
whom maybe have computer access, but many who
wouldn't. If the ones who have computer access could
produce these Bibles, then others could be given
printed bibles and be able to use them in preaching
and distribution.
One of the wrinkles of this is the binding.. I thought
about staples and glue also. If the formatting is
accomplished then I think the binding can be addressed

God bless you!
II Corinthians 12:26

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