[sword-devel] libsword project files missing papyriplain.cpp?

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sat Oct 8 13:42:54 MST 2005

	Thanks for updating your project files.  If you'd like to send a patch, 
I think you're probably one of the most active users of those project 
files, so I'd be happy to apply anything you send.


Lynn Allan wrote:
> I'm getting errors with vc6 and vc7.1 when linking with libsword. The
> message indicates
> src\modules\filters\papyriplain.cpp
> is missing. The link is ok after I add this file to the project files.
> Am I doing something wrong, or should svn be updated to include a
> reference to papyriplain.cpp?
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