[sword-devel] Rahlfs LXX

jhphx jhphx at cox.net
Tue Oct 4 23:58:49 MST 2005

Chris Little wrote:

> In the case of the LXX, it's underlyingly Rahlf's. No one would 
> reasonably hope to claim any rights to Rahlf's. But the morph tagging 
> & citation form data might be claimed by CCAT/CATSS, and as I recall 
> their license isn't that restrictive. But do check to be sure.

I have not look at their license in years, and it could have changed, 
but in the past they required you have anyone receiving a copy sign the 
license agreement before you give them the copy. If this is the case you 
could have a 200 year old text that is clearly PD with no changes or 
additions and not be able to provide it freely because you have taken 
the text under the terms of the agreement and therefor you can only 
provide it under the terms you agreed to in the license.


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