[sword-devel] Re: Thank you

Slavo slavo.bb at freemail.sk
Sat Oct 1 06:43:02 MST 2005

For members of mailing list:

If that BDB module is really Public Domain, why not publish it
(even when it is incomplete), with warning, that it is incomplete.
I think it is better to have incomplete hebrew morphology then no hebrew
morphology (and who do not like it, simple will not install it)


For DM Smith:
Well, I have joined and I am getting e-mails from mailing list.
I write from the same adress: slavo.bb na freemail.sk - the same, as is I
put into the mailing list and the same, on which I am getting e-mails
from mailing list.
I  put sword-devel na crosswire.org into Cc:
I hope it will work, othervise I do not know, what is wrong.

DM Smith napsal(a):
> I didn't see the Cc: on the email.
> To post:
> First, you need to join.
> Second, you need to have your from match the address with which you joined.
> Third, you mail to sword-devel na crosswire.org as your To: or Cc:.
> On occasion, the server goes down and the mail bounces, often with odd
> messages, like "relaying not allowed"
> Slavo wrote:
>> Thank you
>> I am allready trying to post to forum- I added
>> sword-devel na crosswire.org in CC, but it might not work.
>> How to post?
>> Slavo

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