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Shane Rice shane at rices2peru.com
Sun Nov 27 20:37:28 MST 2005


    That is fine.  I have DSL so not a problem.  Thanks.

Serving the King,

Shane Rice

Rom 12:1-2
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Joachim Ansorg wrote:

>I did a quick hack to get the module out of the text. It's about 1.3 MB. Can I 
>email it to you so you can test it if the verses are still in the right 
>places, etc.?
>>    Did you get my last email?  I don't know if it went through.  I
>>would love help with the text.  I have tried and found it more difficult
>>that I expected.  It is posted here:  www.rices2peru.com/FTF/  it is the
>>SRV04txt.zip  and the Bilingual Rights.zip file.  The SRV04 is the text
>>file that you will need and the Bilingual rights file is just that the
>>bi-lingual rights text for it.  I appreciate your help!  Thanks.
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