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Shane Rice shane at rices2peru.com
Sat Nov 26 18:35:02 MST 2005


    Did you get my last email?  I don't know if it went through.  I 
would love help with the text.  I have tried and found it more difficult 
that I expected.  It is posted here:  www.rices2peru.com/FTF/  it is the 
SRV04txt.zip  and the Bilingual Rights.zip file.  The SRV04 is the text 
file that you will need and the Bilingual rights file is just that the 
bi-lingual rights text for it.  I appreciate your help!  Thanks.

Serving the King,

Shane Rice

Rom 12:1-2
www.rices2peru.com <http://www.rices2peru.com/>

Joachim Ansorg wrote:

>thank you for your kind offer.
>In which format is the text available?
>Do you have some letter, email or something similair which grants the 
>permissions to use the text although it's still under copyright?
>If it isn't a lot of work I'd probably be interested to make a module out of 
>>Howdy everyone, I just joined.  I have  a the raw text of a Spanish
>>Bible that I would like added to the Sword project.  I have personally
>>talked to the person with the Copyright, and he doesn't mind it being
>>used.  It is clearly stated in the copyright.  If someone is willing to
>>do a little work, I can send them the text.  It is the Spanish Reina
>>Valera 2004.  I have made the modules for E-Sword and for Online Bible,
>>but am just out of time.  I have tried to make it for GnomeSword, but
>>didn't get it to work right.  Please email me personally, or on this
>>list if you can help with this.  I would like it to be added to the
>>Sword project as well.  It is a Bible text.
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