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Shane Rice shane at rices2peru.com
Wed Nov 23 09:15:13 MST 2005


    I appreciate the help.  It seems as though there is a missing .dll 
file?  It is:  ICUTD28L.DLL  was not found.  Any ideas?

Serving the King,

Shane Rice

Rom 12:1-2
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Barry Drake wrote:

> Hi Shane ...............
>> So, what one would I use, I seen there were a lot of programs on that 
>> one link.  It is plain text with no verse markings or chapter or book 
>> markings.  It has the same amount of verses as the KJV, so what is my 
>> next step.
> You will use vpl2mod.  Do the following when working with Windows.  
> First, create your working directory.  Say it is C:\test as an 
> example.  Next, create a module sub-directory off this.  Say, for 
> example it is esp (you didn't say the name of your module).  You now 
> have c:\test\esp  Next place your text file (I'm going to call it 
> esp.txt for want of a better name) in the 'test' directory.  Put the 
> vpl2mod binary in that same directory.  Now go to the command (dos) 
> prompt and cd to the 'test' directory.  Enter the command vpl2mod 
> esp.txt esp 0 0 and watch the error messages ;-)
> You should now have the files nt, ot, nt.vss and ot.vss in the esp 
> sub-directory.  These need to be placed in a directory under your 
> existing Sword installation.  It will need to be below modules as: 
> [sword]\modules\texts\rawtext\esp
> Next create a text file with the same name as the module (esp?) and 
> call it esp.conf (same name as your module).  Make it in the same way 
> as one  of your existing .conf files that describes a rawtext bible 
> module.  Somewhere on the developer's pages are some excellent 
> instructions for making a .conf file saying what each line does.  
> Place it in the Sword mods.d directory.  When you fire Sword up, it 
> should see the new module and let you use it.
> Ask for further help if you get stuck.
> God bless,
> Barry
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