[sword-devel] imp2ld encoding problem

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Tue Nov 22 00:03:00 MST 2005

imp2ld faithfully converts an IMP file to an LD database. There is no 
text encoding transformation of the data involved, so what you put in 
your file is exactly what will be placed in the module and is exactly 
what you will get back (from a front-end or mod2imp).

The invalid character warning can be ignored. The only character 
transformations that imp2ld performs relate to sorting the dictionary 
keys, so the worst case would involve entries in the wrong order. 
(Correct me if I'm wrong about this Troy.)

I'm not sure what you meant about trying different encodings. Which 
values did you try? The .conf file for your module should include a line 
that says "Encoding=UTF-8" if you have UTF-8 input.


Yiguang Hu wrote:
> I ran into Encoding problem when I tried to use imp2ld
> to convert a Chinese theology terms/Encyclopedia into
> the module
> that sword can use. The input text file is a UTF-8
> encoded with the format:
> $$$English KeyWord Chinese Translation
> The meaning of the term
> $$$....
> For example:
> $$$Abbess 女修道院長
>  為女修道院之女領袖,其職任不如男修道院長設立之早,其權亦不如男修道院長之大。有時亦管理男修道院。
> $$$Abbey 修道院
>  又稱*Monastery。原為一修道士團之名稱,由一位院長管理。以後他們所居住之屋宇、禮拜堂等,概稱為修道院。
> $$$Abbot 修道院長
>  為修道院領袖之稱,意即父也。修道院長原係平信徒,從第七世紀起,教會定為聖職。通常為其本院弟兄所選舉,其職任乃終身。
> $$$Abbot, George
> 阿波特(1562-1633)
>  英國教宗;坎特布里大主教;*聖經欽定本的合編者。
> $$$Abelard, Peter or Abailard
> 亞比拉(1079-1142)
> I used imp2ld to generate the module. There were many
> errors about invalid characters. But it neverthless
> generated the module. The problem is the module
> characters are saved in wrong encoding. I tried
> different encodings to read and none of them make the
> charater understandable as shown below:
> Abbey 修道院
>  又稱*Monasteryã€‚åŽŸç‚ºä¸€ä¿®é“å£«åœ˜ä¹‹åç¨±ï¼Œç”±ä¸€ä½é™¢é•·ç®¡ç†ã€‚ä»¥å¾Œä»–å€‘æ‰€å±…ä½ä¹‹å±‹å®‡ã€ç¦®æ‹œå ‚ç­‰ï¼Œæ¦‚ç¨±ç‚ºä¿®é“é™¢ã€‚
> Abbot 修道院長
> ã€€ç‚ºä¿®é“é™¢é ˜è¢–ä¹‹ç¨±ï¼Œæ„å³çˆ¶ä¹Ÿã€‚ä¿®é“é™¢é•·åŽŸä¿‚å¹³ä¿¡å¾’ï¼Œå¾žç¬¬ä¸ƒä¸–ç´€èµ·ï¼Œæ•™æœƒå®šç‚ºè–è·ã€‚é€šå¸¸ç‚ºå…¶æœ¬é™¢å¼Ÿå…„æ‰€é¸èˆ‰ï¼Œå…¶è·ä»»ä¹ƒçµ‚èº«ã€‚
> Abbot, George 阿波特(1562-1633)
> Does anyone experience this and knows how to solve
> this problem?
> BTW, I have a couple of short java programs that
> generate the above format Dictionary file and Bible
> text so you can use impl2vs and impl2ld to convert
> them into sword modules. I will be glad to put the
> code some where for share if someone interest in it.
> Thanks
> Yiguang

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