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Shane Rice shane at rices2peru.com
Wed Nov 16 21:23:01 MST 2005

Ok, does anybody have any importation tools to import a raw text into 
the Sword project?  I have the raw text of a Spanish Bible, and I would 
love to just import it into the Sword project to make a Bible module for 
GnomeSword/Bibletime.  Unfortunatly I can't seem to find something, or 
some way to do this.  I tried just taking another Bible module and 
copying the NT and OT files the same way - one verse per line and 
remaking these files, however this didn't do the trick.  The module 
worked, but it has many errors in it.  Any help would greatly be 
appreciated.  Thanks!

Serving the King,

Shane Rice

Rom 12:1-2
www.rices2peru.com <http://www.rices2peru.com/>

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