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Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 15:11:57 MST 2005

Pastor Ed,

I have no response to the second item. I do not know about the status of the
ESV except that I believe that it is certainly under copyright. It is, after
all, only 4 years old, so the use of it would be subject to receiving the
permission of the copyright holders.

As to your question regarding the transformation of varoius texts into
modules for Sword, I started by looking at the module creation page under
the developer's section. The page is a little sparse on details, and I am
just in the stages of planning a new page (or a re-write of that one). If
you have specific questions or questions pertaining to the creation of a
particular type of module, then you might ask that and the list will be
better able to help you out with it. The creation of different types of
texts varies... are you attempting to create a gerneral book, a bible text,
a commentary, a lexicon, etc. Each procedure is slightly different, so
you'll have to ask a more pointed question for the list to be able to focus
better on your specific situation.

Good luck!

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