[sword-devel] Checking on Chris L's car situation

Lynn Allan l_d_allan at adelphia.net
Thu Nov 10 13:05:52 MST 2005

From: "Chris Little" <chrislit at crosswire.org>
To: "SWORD Developers' Collaboration Forum"
<sword-devel at crosswire.org>
Sent: Sunday, October 02, 2005 12:08 PM
Subject: Re: [sword-devel] updated WEB and HNV bible modules?

> I'm still working on it. A semi ran into my car this week and I'm in
> midst of midterms at school, so I'm a little busy.

Any updates on your car situation? ... bummer. (I infer that you
weren't in the car at the time. Whew.)

Hope midterms went well, and that all is well with your soul as we
labor together in the harvest.

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