[sword-devel] Crosswire Server

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 6 11:15:06 MST 2005

I noticed that the server is currently running Fedora Core 3. Any 
thoughts of upgrading to FC4? I noticed that the server was upgraded to 
FC3 about 5 months after its release and it is now about 5 months after 
the release of FC4.

I have been using FC4 since it was released and I have found that it is 
very stable and an easy upgrade from FC3. I recently did a clean 
install, due to a failed hard disk, which also was easy. Currently, the 
FC4 kernel is 2.6.13.xx and I have had no problems with it. (Kernel 
2.6.14 was released on Oct 28 and I don't know when it will be 
incorporated into FC4, but my guess is fairly soon.)

-- DM

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