[sword-devel] Website Recommendations

Lynn Allan l_d_allan at adelphia.net
Sat Nov 5 05:30:41 MST 2005

I might be able to help out with jsp pages ... it has been several
years since I worked with java servlets and tomcat, and I recall it
involved LOTS of things to get "knitted together" correctly so that
pages show up ... and the "chain of events" can take some getting used
to ...

My impression is that with a tutorial on how to get a localhost set up
for something like apache tomcat, the actual generation of content
pages isn't too bad ... but there was definitely a learning curve ...
for me at least

Seems like some existing crosswire pages could serve as templates,
perhaps in a "sandbox" scenario???


Another thing to bear in mind is the infrastructure of the technology
powering the Web site. There will not be any changes to the
infrastructure at this time. For now, we need to stick to using
technologies like Apache/Java/JSP for the content rendering, as such
as used currently. The firebird database engine is also available. As
Greg H. mentioned, within reason. So, part of "reason" includes those
technologies. (I asked what was available and this is the list given
to us.)

God Bless you all!!!

In Christ,
Greg M.

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