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Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 00:21:14 MST 2005

Fellow SWORD-bearers. I am looking for comments regarding the website, as
there are now a few people who are beginning to plan regular work and
updates to Crosswire's site. Thus, if anyone with suggestions and
recommendations for updates and changes to the site can send them along, we
can begin working on a course of action. Ideas would include such things as
minor fixes (as simple as misspelled words/grammar mistakes) to content
addition (adding information to the developers' or users' segments of the
sites, other information like that). If the ideas are complicated and/or
have been discussed in this or related lists before, providing a pointer to
the location of that discussion would help reduce a repetition of material
on the list. Again, any suggestions (within reason) are encouraged and

Also, if anyone else is interested in jumping into the efforts, contact the
list, because I'm certain that there is always enough to be done to keep
many hands busy, and the more hands that there are, the more that can be
attempted. And, as always, pray for the work and be patient with the
humanity of the members of the community :).

--Greg Hellings
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