[sword-devel] [OT?] Any info on OpenOffice 2.0?

Jonathon Blake jonathon.blake at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 16:25:30 MST 2005

Lynn wrote:

> recently was released and claims to be VERY compliant with XML standards.

XML standards are pretty flexible.

> I have not followed the progress of OO 2.0 particularly closely, and have no
> experience with ver 1.x.

> My impression is that OO 2.0 might be applicable to OSIS (but I am a newbie wrt osis).

There re some _major_ markup issues involved here.   My suggestion
would be to create a template with OSIS markup as paragraph and
character styles. Then write a program that converts those styles in
the document to OSIS.

FWIW, the OSIS team concluded two or so years ago that it would not be
possible to create an OOo2OSIS or OSIS2OOo filter, for various
technical reasons.  [IIRC, it has to do with the model that OSIS uses
versus the model that OOo uses.  (Strem v Object).]


Does your Office Suite conform to ISO Standards?

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