[sword-devel] Encoding

Mina Magdy mina_1985_2002 at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Nov 1 03:51:22 MST 2005

> Mina,
> > I need list of all encoding SOWRD applications can
> > support.
> This depends on the frontend, not the sword library.
> BibleTime only uses utf8, 
> but BibleCS and others might be able to use cp-xyz
> or iso-xyz or other 
> encodings.
I care more about linux :)
If utf is fine with linux, then i am fine with it

but, if any (faithful) windows user want to extend my
program's functionality code is between your hand
> Great work!
Thanks, But please test it carefully because i didn't
test it enough

also if there is any chinies or japanies guys here,
they should test it
I am not sure if it will work properly with them
language or not.
> mg
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