[sword-devel] HTML-based Windows Front End?

Barry Drake b.drake at ntlworld.com
Thu Jun 23 04:58:12 MST 2005

Hi there ........

David wrote:

> 3 GTK+: Very nice, Glade is not as fancy a gui designer as a lot of 
> tools but it makes it very easy to create even complicated gui's 
> quickly. And it can generate code in C, or C++, and it can use 
> libglade. It can also generate projects for Dev C++, VC6, and I think 
> some other ide's.

GnomeSword is based around GTK+ and Glade.  Unfortunately, it uses some (probably not many) non-portable Gnome methods that are not available on cross platform builds as far as I can see.  Glade currently does not make C++ code in the Windows Glade port (as yet).

What is the present status of GnomeSword?  It doesn't seem to have been maintained for a while - am I right?

Are any of the GnomeSword team willing to assist if someone attempts to port GnomeSword?

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