[sword-devel] Lexicon/Dictionary problem

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 08:39:30 MST 2005

With BT 1.5rc2 I have been encountering a strange error with the Lexica and 
Dictionaries. The problem occurs in two steps. The first relates to an entry 
which contains a comma in the entry name. For instance, the first entry in 
one of the lexica is "Advocate, Counselor". When I open the Dictionary, it 
defaults to that entry, and everything appears correctly. If, however, I 
move away from that entry to the second entry (or any other entry) and then 
back to this entry, the text within does not display. After the inial open, 
any of the entries containing a comma do not display the text, while entries 
that do not contain a comma appear perfectly well.

The second problem comes from when I attempt to install a version of the 
dictionary with no entries containing a comma. I went through all of the 
removal/uninstall procedures I could. First I just tried overwriting the 
files related to the dictionary, but that did not affect that content that 
Bibletime has recorded for the dicitonary, it still has entries with commas 
in them, although there are none in the new form of the module. I then tried 
using the Bibletime installer program to uninstall the problem modules and 
then install the new form. Once again, when I open Bibletime I see the 
entries with the commas in them listed, not the new version. When I tested 
the new module in Gnomesword, just to be certain that the new form of the 
module does not have a comma in the name, it correctly loaded the new form 
of the module without the commas, but Bibletime seems to have cached the 
data somewhere so that I always end up with entries containing commas for 
the two modules under question.

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