[sword-devel] Gill Commentary module

Allan Smith chaplain at herts.ac.uk
Mon Jun 20 05:18:22 MST 2005

I've just downloaded the module, and it seems to work fine at first glance.
The text opens and is happy enough in a parallel window. I'm running a G5
1.8DP with 512Mb of RAM under OS 10.3.9. Was there a particular problem or
did it just fall over?

Best wishes,

Revd. Allan Smith MA MSc
University Chaplain
University of Hertfordshire, UK

> Hi.  I'm a MacSword user.  Barry Drake has been kind enough to send me
> the gill commentary module.  It works for him on the PC, but doesn't
> seem to work on the Mac.  He's suspicious that it is too big for the
> memory of the mac.  Would anybody be available to help me get it to
> work?  It is available here http://xsword.sourceforge.net/gill.zip.
> Thanks
> Jeff
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