[sword-devel] HTML-based Windows Front End?

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 19:19:40 MST 2005

Fellow Sword-bearers,
Would there be any interest amongst the Sword developer's community to 
develop a new front end for Sword that would be based off of HTML display 
rather than the current one with its RTF-base? I realize that there already 
is BibleStudy to supplement BibleCS, but the current 1.0 release of 
BibleStudy is a bit dated. When I did a check-out from CVS for it, it would 
not compile against the newest versions of the Sword library. What I am 
thinking of would be a complete rewrite, hopefully using the wxWidgets, as 
BibleStudy aimed for. I have been experimenting recently with wxMozilla, 
which is a wrapper for Gecko within wxWidgets which makes the Gecko engine 
surprisingly simple to use. I would like to start development on a new 
client some time in the next few weeks and have a first pass at it out by 
the end of August, hopefully.

Is there other support for this within the community? I noticed in the 
ancient archives of the Sword developers, someone had proposed this idea, 
but it seems to have died off fairly rapidly. Let me hear some feedback!

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