[sword-devel] links within genbooks

Daniel Glassey dglassey at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 12:58:50 MST 2005

Hi guys,
I'm working with genbooks that want to reference other parts within
themselves. Is there already a way to do that that frontends can all
handle or should we design one?

I see that BibleTime can use URIs of the form sword://Book/workname/reference
e.g href="sword://Book/TestWork/Text/Body/Chapter 1/Section 1"
I don't know what other frontends can use.

Should we be trying to use something like the CCEL URI format?

I guess what I'd like to put in is href="/Text/Body/Chapter 1/Section
1" and the frontends will just recognise this as the current module
and use it. Does that sound reasonable?

It's basically up to the frontend guys to agree on something they can handle.


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