[sword-devel] ZhEnglish must be fixed!

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 14 13:19:08 MST 2005

On second thought, the dat file is a plain text UTF-8 file. This is not 
much different from what I would create with the JSword API. Let me know 
if the dat file is not sufficient.

Martin Gruner wrote:

>I just tried to see if I could export the buggy module ZhEnglish with mod2imp, 
>in order to reimport it as a functional module, but mod2imp falls into an 
>endless loop just like BibleTime does. Is there another way to fix it? It 
>should at least be taken from the download area, if it cannot be fixed. Does 
>it work with Gnomesword or BibleCS or other frontends?
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