[sword-devel] BibleCS 1.5.8rc1

Lynn Allan l_d_allan at adelphia.net
Sat Jun 11 22:26:57 MST 2005

> Here is my best attempt at a beta before I leave for the summer.
> it a go and let me know what you think.

Have a great summer.

Some questions about indexed/optimized searching:

* Does it always do case-insensitive searching even when the "Case
Sensitive" checkbox is checked? With the AKJV and "Case Sensitive"
checked, it finds 942 matches for "Jesus" and 942 matches for "jesus".

* Does indexed searching always do a match on the exact word? For
example, with "Phrase" or "Multi Word" or "Optimized", there are 2
matches for "regeneration" using the AKJV. Phrase and MultiWord find
275 matches for "ration", including the times it is within
"generation" and "regeneration". Optimized search finds 0. Perhaps
this is how it is supposed to work, but it seems like an end-user
might find it unexpected that Optimized Searching gives results that
are very different from "Phrase" and "MultiWord" searching. There
aren't "clues" that Optimized Searching has different behavior.
Perhaps the "Case Insensitive" checkbox should be unchecked and/or

* Perhaps similarily unexpected, MultiWord searching for "son of god"
results in 294 case insensitive matches, "Phrase" found 47, and
"Optimized" found 5472. After this search, the Optimizing seemed
disabled, becausing searching for "son" took about 20 seconds. Then
the next search for "of" crashed (floating point division by zero")

This was the second time it crashed ... sorry don't have repeatable
sequence of actions ... except that each time Searching was
effectively disabled. The button that should be "Search" was "Halt"
and stayed as "Halt" even when the Search dialog was dismissed and
reentered. I had to shut-down BibleCS to get searching to work again.

Here's a repeatable sequence to cause a crash: AKJV Optimize search
for "son of god", then search for "son", then search for "of" ...
Actually, it is simpler ... search for a very common word like "of" or
"the" or "a"

In case the index needed rebulding, I deleted the AKJV index and
clicked on the "Create Index" button. This caused a "C++ Exception"
message to show up???

Odd ... after the crash, the AKJV seemed to have "forgotten" that it
had an index file created ... that option wasn't available. I had to
switch to another module and back to AKJV for it to realize it had the
index file created.

Very odd .... while trying out different searches, it has twice
happened that the search source switched from AKJV to "Personal
Commentary." This was without the "Choose Module" showing, so I don't
think it was anything I did.

I'll rebuild the indices and see if the behavior is repeatable.


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