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Dan Adams church at infochi.com
Fri Jun 10 19:19:23 MST 2005

Yes, but writing Java code rather than c++ isn't necessarily the solution if
the project is to be programmed in c++. I am not necessarily suggesting a
solution, but I am in agreement with Robin that using the try/catch/throw
stuff along with garbage collection is a good idea through whatever
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Hey Daniel,
    Thanks for the catch, but we don't check for successful memory 
allocation anywhere in the engine.  I'm not sure what we'd do if we ran 
out of memory.  Gracefully degradating from such a state is a complex 
problem.  Also, our engine doesn't use try/catch/throw error handling, 
so throwing anything would cross a consistency line.  Note: not debating 
that we SHOULDN'T use exception error handling, only that we currently 
do not

Wearing my QA hat, I think we ought to plan on using try/catch/throw error
handling pretty soon.  How about after your sabbatical?:) Also can we set
some standard for garbage collection?  For example when we construct a
temporary object is the deconstructor working properly to clean things up?
I'm not a C++ programmer, so maybe you have some better ideas to help keep
us from running out of memory.

I have found the best way to handle memory problems in C++ is to write code
in Java ;)

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