[sword-devel] OSIS formatting

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Fri Jun 10 12:12:59 MST 2005

	OSIS' purpose is to mark the elements in a text as what they are, not 
how they should be displayed.  The way elements are displayed is left 
out for another 'presentation layer' to handle as it sees fit.

	Now, having said that, there is an evil workaround for elements that 
you just can't figure out why they are ornimented in some way: <hi>

e.g. <hi type="bold">bold text for some reason</hi>

The defined type attributes on hi are currently:

<xs:enumeration value="bold"/>
<xs:enumeration value="emphasis"/>
<xs:enumeration value="illuminated"/>
<xs:enumeration value="italic"/>
<xs:enumeration value="line-through"/>
<xs:enumeration value="normal"/>
<xs:enumeration value="small-caps"/>
<xs:enumeration value="sub"/>
<xs:enumeration value="super"/>
<xs:enumeration value="underline"/>

I don't think the latest version of our engine pays much attention to 
<hi> right now, but we should.  I think, currently, you'll mostly get 
italic for any <hi> you define.

	Hope this helps,

Greg Hellings wrote:
> Howdy!
> I have been working with some possible modules in ThML, but would like 
> to try and migrate their base formatting into OSIS so that I can create 
> the modules as other than General Book with a minimal amount of effort.  
> So far the process of migration has gone well with one exception: I am 
> unable to decipher how to represent presentational formatting in OSIS.  
> Formerly most of the formatting was created using style="..." tags in 
> the ThML and it worked marvelously.  Is there any similar method in 
> OSIS?  ...or how would one encode formatting information in OSIS?  Thanks!
> --Greg
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