[sword-devel] Naves

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 7 20:01:57 MST 2005

Well I am starting to work on updating "Naves". I am trying to track 
down the source. I mentioned earlier that I found a copy of naves.zip at 
http://aibi.gospelcom.net/downloads/naves.zip. But bf.org no longer has 
any e-texts posted. I searched the Internet and all references to naves 
was to one or the other of these.

I took a close look at it and also at the naves module (using mod2imp). 
The one at gospelcom.net looks to be an older copy (has the phone for 
the Bible Foundation BBS while the module has the website address).

There are some other differences. While I have not gone over it line by 
line, it appears that the Sword module has additions and corrections.

I have sent bf.org an e-mail requesting the zip, if they still have it. 
I also called Mark Fuller, whose name is on the module. He did the 
scanning and preparation of the text. But he does not have a copy of it, 
nor of any of the other works that he did (Youngs, Websters, ...) He had 
given them all to bf.org. He also gave me the names and addresses of 
some people at Bible Foundation, if I need to contact them.

This brings up an interesting issue. I get the impression that Sword 
modules are a transformation of an original electronic text. In the case 
of Naves, the transformation is slightly lossy in that it throws away 
some markup. I think that it is important to preserve the source from 
which the modules are created. I would like to suggest that going 
forward that we try to do this for new modules. At least for those in 
the public domain.

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