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Troy writes:

I  have good and bad news.  I've been accepted to attend a summer class  
overseas, during June 16-Aug 5.  I am not planning any more work on  
BibleCS before I leave.

I'd like to hear some requests regarding  peoples desires for BibleCS 
during this timeframe.

New features  currently:

Build against 1.5.8 engine (previous release  is against 1.5.6)
Added indexed search support.
Added UTF-8 i18n support in UI.
Probably some bug  fixes along the way.

We can:
a) release a beta tonight  and a final in a week (if nothing major is 
b)  wait until after the summer and add more features  then.

I'm all for (a) releasing BibleCS with 1.5.8.  I would like to see if  my 50 
or so 1.5.6 bugs in bugtracker are also present with 1.5.8.   Releasing with a 
splash about NASB will make it worthwhile for a lot of  students. Don't make 
us wait until after summer unless it seems  inevitable.
In His Grace,
Robin Randall

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