[sword-devel] Survey Feature of the Month

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Fri Jan 21 15:56:51 MST 2005

Ok guys and gals,
	After nearly a year of the same "Feature of the Month" on our main 
webpage, we've updated it to direct you to a Cooperative User Survey 
sponsored by most all Bible software vendors.  We hope that you will 
take the time to take the survey (and give us high marks, of course) :) 
  And help us build better software.  Unfortunately, most of my 
suggestions for specific questions didn't make the survey (seems many 
vendors are more concerned about marketing and demographics) 
(nudge-nudge to those reading), but you can still add your suggestions 
in many 'Other' boxes, and in pros on the last question.

	http://crosswire.org  (feature of the month)

	I hate taking surveys.  I appreciate you considering this,

		-Troy A. Griffitts

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