[sword-devel] Module index funny results

Will Thimbleby will at thimbleby.net
Mon Feb 28 05:42:17 MST 2005

Hi, Can someone help me with this code:

sword::VerseKey textkey = "matt3.16";
NSLog(@"%d %@",module->Index(),fromUTF8((char 
NSLog(@"%d %@",module->Index(),fromUTF8((char 

which prints:

24124 Matthew 3:16
24065 Matthew 1:7

I would have though module->Index(module->Index()); should change 
nothing. I'm trying to use the module's index to create lucene indexes, 
so that I can properly sort the results easily. I've been hacking 
lucene quite a bit and will post my thoughts later, I just need to fix 

cheers --Will

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