[sword-devel] Swig PHP bindings

Joachim Ansorg junkmail at joachim.ansorgs.de
Sat Feb 26 16:39:07 MST 2005


> I currently have Sword 1.5.7 installed.   I spent a good part of
> yesterday and all morning trying to build the php_Sword.so shared
> object and have come to the conclusion that i may need a little bit of
> help with this.

Php4 bindings with Swig were not yet tested by me.
My Swig 1.3.24 seems to produce a wrong .cxx fie which doesn't work with my 
installed php version.
Here is what I did:
 cd bindings/swig/package/
Make sure that the php4 installation and headers are detected. I had to 
add /usr/include/php4/main/ to the php.m4 file in the path list.
 make phpswig
 cd php
 gcc -shared -c Sword.cxx -I /usr/include/php4/main/ 
-I /usr/include/php4/Zend/ -I /usr/include/php4/ -I /usr/include/php4/TSRM/ 
-I /usr/include/sword/ -o libsword_swig.so

I'm sorry that the PHP bindings don't work yet. Hopefully we can find out what 
is the problem with it.

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