[sword-devel] SWORDWeb

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Mon Feb 21 20:10:42 MST 2005

Hey guys.  SWORDWeb now uses the latest version of the 1.5.8pre library 
from svn and our CORBA interface exposes the SWSearchable interface. 
The live server is updated and 2 modules have their index built: KJV and 
NASB.  You should be able to do any lucene query against those 2 
modules.  You'll know when you are using the lucene search if the 
results have 'score' on the right side.

You'll have to use the search box on the left.  It defaults to lucene if 
the index is built for your current Bible.  The "Power Search" page 
hasn't been updated yet to include an option for picking the 
lucene-style search.

Joachim also tuned some settings in SWBuf which makes most everything 
run much quicker, including non-indexed searches.  Our server returns a 
non-indexed search in under 1 second.  Now everyone just needs a dual 
Opteron and we won't need indexing anymore :)

Try it out and report bugs before we release 1.5.8 and also before we 
set up the software on a test server for the Netherlands Bible Society 
next Wednesday in Amsterdam.


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