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Daniel Glassey wrote:

> If you have $10,000 and can guarrantee royalties then they may discuss
> it with you - that is what Zondervan require. afaik Zondervan sell their
> own software with the NIV so I don't think they will sell a sword module
> themselves. There are more translations than the NIV so if Zondervan
> don't want to distribute it for our software that is their choice. I
> know there are commercial bible software people (Hi guys :) ) on this
> list and afaiu they haven't had it easy dealing with Zondervan, so don't
> feel too bad that we aren't going to get the NIV.


I purchased the NIV and the NASB for use with The On-Line Bible for Windows a few years ago.  Since I no longer run Windows, it does me no good.  I do value the NIV tremendously, and cannot imagine why they would not make it available to us, if they made it available to the On-Line Bible and others.  In my own estimate, such behavior is discriminatory and counter-productive for them.  Of course, that's my own opinion.

I would like to ask if the NASB is actually going to be available soon?  I know that when I sumbitted an e-mail to their copyright office (early last year), I was informed that they had already agreed to make it available.  I saw some posts about the NASB module, but don't know if that pertains to the developers getting it ready for release.

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