[sword-devel] One thing That I would like to see...

Vonnahme, Nathan nathan.vonnahme at bannerhealth.com
Wed Feb 16 12:11:58 MST 2005

> I just sent off a request for permission to produce a Sword module
> containing the NIV Bible. We'll see what they say. It would 
> obviously be a
> third-party module that would have to be purchased.

Has anyone tried arranging with one of the other Bible software vendors
who is already selling these translations to also sell downloadable
Sword modules?  They've already got the infrastructure and licensing
worked out, and they could make a profit on the modules they sell to
Sword users... they would even have the chance to advertise their
flagship product to Sword users.  It's kind of weird selling stuff for
your "competitor", but in this case it seems like it could be a mutually
beneficial relationship.


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