[sword-devel] One thing That I would like to see...

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Tue Feb 15 18:43:08 MST 2005

Let me clear up a few possible misconceptions...

The Abbott Family wrote:
> I would really like to see some of the modern Bible translations 
> included in the Sword Project, like the NIV (New International Version) 
> and the NLT (New Living Translation).
> I use the NLT alot but I don't have it on the computer. 
> I realize that there are copyright issues and that Tyndale in this case 
> MUST grant the Sword Project permission to use their Bible translation.
> I have written a letter to Tyndale House only to have a man from their 
> e-mail me and say that he couldn't grant my request because you guys 
> would be giving it to people for FREE and they have contracted with all 
> of these companies that are selling it.

Based solely on this account, it seems that the representative from 
Tyndale is misinformed. First, while CrossWire might prefer to 
distribute translations for free, we certainly do not require this of 
publishers. We are willing to work with them to allow the sale of Sword 
unlocks for modules.

Second, the idea that because they have contracts with other parties to 
sell translations and therefore cannot give away copies also is just 
plain bunk. Crazy stupid bunk. Unless made contractual promises with 
licensees that they would not ever give away copies (which would, itself 
be very, very stupid), this just false. My mind is reeling from how much 
this reasoning just doesn't make sense.

> Please someone down there at Sword please call, write and e-mail these 
> GREEDY ORGANIZATIONS and ask them that they share with people who are 
> less fortent or those who don't like to PAY FOR SOFTWARE and ask them to 
> please let the Sword Project have access to their Bible translations.

Requiring licensing fees does not make an organization greedy. 
Translations cost money to make and their translators are, both legally 
and biblically, permitted to recoup that cost and to profit from that 
work. The fact that Tyndale, Zondervan, Lockman, etc. require a 
licensing fee in order to use their translations is their prerogative. 
It certainly doesn't limit your access to the Bible. You can use a 
couple of dozen English translations for free, many with modern 
language. (The situation for non-English Bibles is often worse, I admit, 
but national Bible societies still have the right to use and license 
their texts as they see fit.)

CrossWire wants to make OUR work available, free of cost, to anyone who 
would like to use our software. Although we would love for others to do 
the same, we do not impose OUR values or the principles under which we 
operate on third parties, such as publishers.


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