[sword-devel] EntryAttribute bug?

Martin Gruner mg.pub at gmx.net
Tue Feb 15 09:12:02 MST 2005

I found that osismorph.cpp does not parse entry attributes. Could this please 
be added before 1.5.8? I don’t understand all of the code, so I don’t want to 
do it myself.

lookup KJV "Gen 1:14"
lookup KJV "Mt 1:2" 
do show big differences between the OSIS source and the result parsed as 

BibleTime now makes use of the following entry attributes for searching them 
directly: Headings, Footnotes, Strong’s and Morph codes. It would be nice if 
they could work consistently in all markup types in 1.5.8.

Thanks for considering,


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