[sword-devel] wxBible using cross-platform wxWidgets?

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Mon Feb 14 16:07:34 MST 2005

See BibleStudy 1.0 at http://www.whensdinner.com/. It is already fully 
functioning and at a stable state, but I'm sure they could use help if 
you're interested. (And, yes, it uses Sword.)


Lynn Allan wrote:
> Just curious ... has there been previous discussions of using the
> wxWidgets cross-platform library for Bible software? I looked over the
> past several years of sword-devel archives and didn't see anything
> other than a passing mention or two ... (but it wasn't all that of an
> exhaustive search.)
> I've been getting some experience with wxWidgets as part of the
> Audacity SermonEditor, and am so far impressed. Would there be any
> interest in a wxBible POC (proof of concept) that used the sword-api?
> http://www.wxwidgets.org/
>>From their FAQ:
> The wxWidgets 2 licence is essentially the L-GPL (Library General
> Public Licence), with an exception stating that derived works in
> binary form may be distributed on the user's own terms. This is a
> solution that satisfies those who wish to produce GPL'ed software
> using wxWidgets, and also those producing proprietary software.
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