[sword-devel] (OT) Audio editor for sermons (CleanSpeech) invites alpha testers

Lynn Allan l_d_allan at adelphia.net
Mon Feb 14 13:34:36 MST 2005

Sounds good ...

There is an official sourceforge project with the name "Audacious"
that could serve the cvs/svn purpose for the console app, and maybe
the GUI.

Here is a link to the original Word .doc proposal for SermonEditor.
There have been a number of changes since the Jan, 2005 write-up, but
it will give you an idea.

The actual gui is based on the Audacity main HEAD, but is a "snapshot"
from mid-January, 2005. The whole thing involves a lot of libraries,
and totals over 1600 .c, .cpp, and .h files (including libsndfile,
portaudio, wxWidgets, libresample, lame, etc.) The differences for
SermonEditor can be found in about 26 files (6 new and 20 modified).

Perhaps the best thing would be for you to get the Audacity 1.3.x.beta
svn HEAD and be able to build it. Then we can discuss further. The
0.4_src_diff isn't really a "diff", but the complete files that are
different. I think it could be unzipped into the Audacity .svn
"checkout", but I'm kind of a newbie at cvs and svn (have used Ms
VisualSourceSafe mostly)

Here is something of a "roadmap" to work on:
* Q/A
* Make sure that current prototype can be rebuilt and run
* "Skin" (profile) to hide or reveal functionality so that
SermonEditor shares the exact same code base as Audacity rather than
current quick/dirty hack approach of commenting out.
* "Effect" to convert original stereo/multitrack to mono
* Convert relatively high sample rates (16000 to 48000) to default
11025 (=5.5kHz frequency)
* Convert relatively high kbps (20-320+) to standard 16kbps for .mp3
end result
* Auto-detect relatively quiet section to use as source for
* Much smarter ClickRemoval algorithm that doesn't require previous
* CleanChain.exe is incomplete console app
* "mezzo" library is just audio effects without wxWidget gui
* isolate "TrackArtist" widget for showing .wav file
* FileOpenMultiple dialog to select many sermons to which the
"CleanChain" processing would be done

Most or all of the code for the above exists, but the integration is
still in progress. I'm not really writing much new code, just working
out how to modify a gui that is oriented for audio engineers very
fussily mixing a multi-track original into a demo CD. Audacity is now
mostly a step-by-step-by-step-by-step attended operation ... want to
facilitate "Push One Button" unattended processing.

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> Hey count me in!!
> I'm a linux guy, but my main linux machine is an iBook so i can
> into OSX as well. I would love to help you guys put together
> for linux/OSX and (long term future) integrate this into the debian
> package selection.
> But for the momet, we need to get some kinda versioning system etc.
> impartial on how to do this. But what about an account over on
> sourceforge.net? We could get one for free.
> I would be willing to devote some
> time to such a simple but useful tool!
> Gavin Rogers
> Lynn Allan wrote:
> >I've been working with the founder of the www.sermonaudio.com
> >and the project leaders of the Audacity audio editor to develop a
> >simplified/enhanced audio editor specifically designed for
> >speeches/sermons.
> >
> >SermonEditor (aka CleanSpeech) is about to go from narrow alpha
> >testing to wider beta testing. Both the existing Audacity project
> >the proposed SermonEditor are open source freeware using wxWidgets,
> >and the actual release 1.0 or 1.1 of SermonEditor will be
> >cross-platform.
> >
> >My impression is that SermonEditor:
> >* might be useful for future audio support in sword.
> >
> >* might be of interest to some people who participate on the
> >sword-devel list, at least eventually as it matures
> >
> >* would benefit from feedback from sword-devel participants
> >
> >Full version with test files, dll's, etc.(3.7 meg)
> >www.bibleinverse.org/Misc/CleanSpeechSetup_0.4.a.exe
> >
> >Enhancements to "vanilla" audacity audio editor:
> >* many menu items and widgets removed to "declutter"
> >     (e.g. SermonEditor "skin" doesn't provide Record capability)
> >* primitive "ClickRemoval" effect
> >* primitive "Leveler" effect
> >* primitive "TruncateSilentPauses" effect
> >* One Button "Prepare Speech"
> >  - normalize
> >  - noise removal
> >  - declick
> >  - truncate long pauses
> >  - leveler (make soft sections louder)
> >  - re-normalize
> >  - convert to standardized .mp3 format
> >        (11025 sampling rate, 16kbps, mono)
> >* Batch processing of above steps for dozens/hundreds of sermons
> >console app (CleanChain.exe)
> >
> >For comparison, the "real" audacity cross platform audio editor is
> >http://audacity.sourceforge.net/
> >and the windows audacity version can be downloaded from:
> >
> >audacity for mac (not SermonEditor):
> >http://audacity.sourceforge.net/download/mac
> >
> >audacity  for linux/unix (not SermonEditor):
> >http://audacity.sourceforge.net/download/linux
> >
> >For His glory and honor
> >
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