[sword-devel] (OT) Audio editor for sermons (CleanSpeech) invites alpha testers

Lynn Allan l_d_allan at adelphia.net
Mon Feb 14 10:14:07 MST 2005

I've been working with the founder of the www.sermonaudio.com website
and the project leaders of the Audacity audio editor to develop a
simplified/enhanced audio editor specifically designed for

SermonEditor (aka CleanSpeech) is about to go from narrow alpha
testing to wider beta testing. Both the existing Audacity project and
the proposed SermonEditor are open source freeware using wxWidgets,
and the actual release 1.0 or 1.1 of SermonEditor will be

My impression is that SermonEditor:
* might be useful for future audio support in sword.

* might be of interest to some people who participate on the
sword-devel list, at least eventually as it matures

* would benefit from feedback from sword-devel participants

Full version with test files, dll's, etc.(3.7 meg)

Enhancements to "vanilla" audacity audio editor:
* many menu items and widgets removed to "declutter"
     (e.g. SermonEditor "skin" doesn't provide Record capability)
* primitive "ClickRemoval" effect
* primitive "Leveler" effect
* primitive "TruncateSilentPauses" effect
* One Button "Prepare Speech"
  - normalize
  - noise removal
  - declick
  - truncate long pauses
  - leveler (make soft sections louder)
  - re-normalize
  - convert to standardized .mp3 format
        (11025 sampling rate, 16kbps, mono)
* Batch processing of above steps for dozens/hundreds of sermons with
console app (CleanChain.exe)

For comparison, the "real" audacity cross platform audio editor is at:
and the windows audacity version can be downloaded from:

audacity for mac (not SermonEditor):

audacity  for linux/unix (not SermonEditor):

For His glory and honor

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