[sword-devel] BibleCS 1.5.8pre3

JH hastings at dancris.com
Sun Feb 13 18:31:10 MST 2005

  Troy A. Griffitts wrote:

>You can now specify a searching using the strong: keyword. e.g.
>+God +love +world +strong:G123

That works. It is a different syntax from the multi word and phrase methods 
for finding strong numbers. That may not really be a problem because other 
things have different syntax too. It could be awkward though if you go back 
and forth between search methods. Also, not a big deal, if you look for 
more than one strong number it gets tedious typing "strong;G."

>Jerry, we switched from SimpleAnalyzer to StandardAnalyzer, so maybe the 
>AND issue is fixed.

With the Index:
Searching for  "jesus wept"        1008 hits. correct (1012=943+68-3)
Searching for  "wept OR jesus"   1008 hits  correct
Searching for  "jesus and wept"        3 hits. error (should be > 23867)
Searching for  "jesus AND wept"      3 hits.  correct
Searching for  "jesus wept and"      68 hits. error (should be > 23867 not 
= hits for wept)
Searching for  "jesus wept AND"    68 hits.  errors (syntax issue and see 
Searching for  "+jesus +wept"          3 hits   correct

Without the Index (Reg Ex):
Searching for   "\bjesus\b"         943 hits
Searching for   "\bwept\b"            68 hits
Searching for   "\band\b"        23867 hits

Without the Index (Multi Word with Foot Notes):
Searching for   "jesus wept"             3 hits
Searching for   "jesus"                 944 hits
Searching for   "wept"                    74 hits

Without the Index (Multi Word):
Searching for   "jesus wept"             3 hits
Searching for   "jesus"                 943 hits
Searching for   "wept"                    72 hits

>  Let me know.  Also, if you still have stability problems

VWIN32(05) + 000012D0 ERROR: 0E : 0028 : C02A44A8


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